my knee hurts. april 5, 2017
Work begins on my third game made in assembly. It's called "My Knee Hurts." Although the game is in a very early stage, I have made a webpage for it. You can find it here.

snowman's land - may 1, 2017. march 4, 2017
the second ActionMax homebrew ever made, Snowman's Land, will be "released" (read: put up for sale) on May 1. There is no pre-order list, because they can be made on demand.
work resumes on francis. february 25, 2017
another 2600 game I'm working on is "Francis Ichabod Cranium 8." View its splendor here.
celery and oranges. February 21, 2017
Work continues on the 2k Celery Atari 2600 game. I'm also making a Game Boy game about oranges. Wow. too bad I don't like eating celery or oranges.
more celery, this time on intv. january 23, 2017
Well, I'm back working on Celery's Challenge for the Intellivision. You can read about it and play it here.
a celery game. January 8, 2017
I came back to this 2k celery game I was working on last July. I think I pretty much am finished with it after adding a whole bunch of new stuff. You can try it out here. Also, I decided to stop ignoring the website and actually make something for the front page. I'll be updating stuff from time to time. Eventually, I'll add all the links and articles and stuff back on here.

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