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2/2/16 Now @ 340
My Atari 2600 game collection is now at 340 with the additions of Zippy the Porcupine and Gas Hog.

1/28/16 10 years!
Well, the site just celebrated its 10th year in operation. Woo hoo.

8/3/15 down?
The site hosting company is changing its name. I don't know what effect this new company will have on this website. Hopefully it won't do anything different, but if it does, it will probably happen next month.

7/30/15 aliens!
a long-lost Xevious prototype that was complete was found for the Atari VCS. In other, less important news, I am back working on Captain Bruce for the 2600.

7/29/15 no updates.
I finished working on Plumber for the Odyssey 2. Besides that, nothing new.

5/18/15 still here.
i am still alive.

3/25/15 castle of doom.
I'm back working on Castle of Doom.

1/24/15 new game.
game #338 in my collection is Up & Down.

1/22/15 the mr. celery show.
a new way to use your atari 2600: watch cartoons with it! more info here: info.

1/11/15 woo.
larry the lemon is finished (i think.) Check it out.

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