a new 50-foot-tall stalk of celery adventure for the atari vcs/2600.

stage 1: the bridge of death

it all started so suddenly. mr celery was going for a walk on his favorite bridge when the pigs came.

stage 2: the hole story

mr celery is fallin' and he can't get up! or can he?

stage 3: cloud 9 (and others)

mr. celery has his head, not to mention the rest of his body, in the clouds.

stage 4: i, lava, lou, see.

mr. celery battles Lou, the giant lava monster.

stage 5: sea is for celery

mr. celery takes a dip. not in ranch, but in water.

stage 6: down in the dumps

mr. celery finds himself in a giant, unflushed toilet.

stage 7: bowl games

now he's in a big bowl of spaghetti! Watch out for the rolling meatballs!

stage 8: bay of pigs

he's gone this far, surely he can defeat the pig boss...or can he?

playing the game:

left/right - guide mr. celery.
down - duck (can't be used in stages 2 & 5.)
fire - jump.

mr. celery loves moldy pretzels? why? They make him invincible for some reason. This invincibility only lasts a few seconds though.

touch the word "end" to end the level and go on to the next one.

grabbing this stalk earns you an extra life.

try it.

last update: september. 1, 2019
september 1, 2019 11:01am rom
september 1, 2019 11:01am batari basic file

game programmed by chris read. made with batari Basic, which was made by fred quimby. this is not afflilated with atari (or INFOGRAMES!!!!)
this game has been rated e for edible.