Another falling block puzzle game for the Atari 2600/VCS!

latest release (Jan. 21, 2011 - 9:50am Pacific):

2600tris binary
2600tris batari Basic source code
How this came to be: Edtris was one of (if not the) first homebrew games for the 2600. After learning about the Batari Basic programming language created by Fred Quimby, I started diving in head first. The very first thing I thought when I heard about playfield blocks was Tetris! So, a few years later after I had learned enough, I decided to make my own version. This is that version. This hasn't been released yet, and after a long hiatus where the project was on hold (but about 75% finished), I decided to come back to it. And this is where I am so far.

About the game: My version is the only 2-player Tetris game for the 2600. It is 32k and uses the Superchip. So if this were ever to go on sale in the AtariAge store, it would probably cost about $30 because of the usage of the Superchip. It is, as previously stated, programmed using batari Basic, and I have been using the Visual bB program created by Jeff Wierer to compile this.

Options:: select switch: now it's pretty self explanatory: 1PA is 1 player A-Type, 1PB is 1 player B-Type, and 2P is two players. You can also toggle the next piece hint by using the right difficulty switch.