Yes, folks, here you can find the latest news, info, and other stuff about the goodness of Alien Greed.

Alien Greed Returns! posted 2/10/18
After years, the fifth installment of Alien Greed is finally coming. click here to get your copy! It will be added to this page shortly.

Manuals added posted 12/6/15
All 4 manuals in pdf format have been added to the site.

Another Alien Announcement posted 9/18/15
I forgot about AG, but then I remembered again. So work continues again...

Alien Greed 5 update posted 3/29/15
work continues...

Alien Greed 5 reboot posted 6/6/14
I've decided to ditch the Outlaw one and I'm working on one based on Kaboom! instead.

Alien Greed 4 stuff posted posted 10/26/13
I posted Easter Egg info and the Rom to Alien Greed 4 on its page.

Alien Greed 5 posted 7/7/13
Alien Greed 5 is coming. It's based on the game "Outlaw."

Alien Greed 5? posted 10/30/12
Could a fifth installment be coming in 2013? Maybe...

Alien Greed 4 to be released this March following the label contest. posted 2/5/12
The Alien Greed series has a new publisher, and we're having a label contest, so yours could be the label that we put on it! Get to designing, the contest ends February 29. The Alien Greed 4 run will be 25 copies.

Alien Greed 4 update posted 1/5/12
Well, that sure never happened! I'll try and get a hold of Neo Games and see what's up.

Alien Greed 4 release time posted 5/13/11
Alien Greed 4 will be released this summer.

Alien Greed ROMs posted 1/6/11
Now you can download the ROMs to Alien Greed 1, 2 & 3!

Alien Greed 3 YouTube video posted posted 1/3/11
It's been a long time overdue, sorry I forgot about it.

Alien Greed Adventure finished posted 12/27/10
Work on Alien Greed Adventure is just about to wrap up. Here's a shot of the new improved title screen. Also, Alien Greed 3 international orders have now been shipped.

Alien Greed Adventure work posted 11/13/10
Progress on AGA is going well. I hope to have the game completed by January 2011 or so.

Alien Greed Adventure announced posted 9/25/10
Alien Greed Adventure will be the fourth game in the Alien Greed series. Work actually began in February and had been secret until a few months ago, when it was announced in AtariAge's batari Basic forums. A page for the work-in-progress will be up soon.

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