a game by chris read.

New! Odyssey 2 version being developed.

The guy who made the 2600 version is working on an Odyssey 2/Videopac version.


someone at the Redneck family reunion forgot to check if the clams were any good before serving them. Turns out they weren't. So now everyone has to go to the bathroom. Unfortunately for the Rednecks, they held their family reunion next to a minefield and the outhouse is on the other side of it! How many Rednecks can you guide to the outhouse?


The minefield has a different random setup each time you successfully guide a Redneck to the outhouse on the other side. The problem lies in getting through it. If you step on a mine, the blast will force him back to the beginning. The trick is to quickly memorize where the mines are (and aren't) and guide the Redneck to the outhouse correctly. There is some trial and error, but if you have a quick enough brain and hand, you'll be smarter than a Redneck in no time. The number on the left is the timer. It starts at 60 and winds down at 00. Once the timer reaches 00, the game ends and the final score is the number on the right. To start a new game, press Fire. You can move diagonally in the 2600 version, but not the Odyssey 2 version.


Atari 2600/VCS

credits: programmed by chris read, bB made by Fred Quimby.
Download the latest version of the game! last updated January 25, 2012 @ 3:45am
batari Basic file.

Odyssey 2/Videopac

credits: programmed by chris read.
Download the latest version of the game! last updated July 13, 2013 @ 2:20am