Arctic Tale DSI 11/7/07
Arthur & the Invisibles Atari 1/9/07
Avatar: The Last Airbender: Burning Earth, The THQ 10/18/07
Barbie Island Princess Activision 10/31/07
Bee Game, The Midway 12/25/07
Bratz: The Movie THQ 9/25/07
Cars Mater-National THQ 11/13/07
Crash of the Titans Sierra 10/4/07
Deal Or No Deal DSI 8/28/07
Dogz 2 Ubisoft 4/2/07
Drake & Josh THQ 3/13/07
Enchanted: Once Upon Andalasia Disney 11/23/07
Final Fantasy VI Advance Square/Enix 2/5/07
Ghost Rider 2K Games 2/13/07
Hamsterz Life 2 Ubisoft 11/2007
Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix EA 7/11/07
High School Musical: Livin' the Dream Disney 11/24/07
Horsez Ubisoft 7/2/07
Legend of Spyro, The: Eternal Night Sierra 10/4/07
Let's Ride: Friends Forever THQ 2/14/08
M&Ms: Break 'Em DSI 4/30/07
Major League Baseball 2K7 2K Sports 5/26/07
Math Patrol: The Kleptoid Threat Tomy 11/24/07
Meet the Robinsons Disney 3/27/07
Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots THQ 10/24/07
Paws & Claws: Best Friends Dogs & Cats THQ 10/3/07
Petz Vet Ubisoft 3/30/07
Puppy Luv Spa & Resort Activision 9/18/07
Ratatouille THQ 6/26/07
Samurai Deeper Kyo Destineer 3/9/08
Shrek the Third Activision 5/15/07
Spider-Man 3 Activision 5/4/07
SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis THQ 10/24/07
Surf's Up Ubisoft 5/29/07
TMNT Ubisoft 3/30/07
Uno Freefall DSI Games 3/6/07
Word Safari: The Friendship Totems Tomy 2/17/08
Zoey 101 THQ 2/26/07

Other Stuff

3/15/13 - Uno Freefall info page up. Review coming soon.
3/11/13 - A year later and a new game added to the page. I've ordered this off eBay and an info page should come soon for Uno Freefall, with review. Still looking for a boxed copy of the Bee Game. Anyone has a Bee Game box?
3/5/12 - Added Let's Ride info page.
6/27/11 - Added Enchanted info page.
11/15/08 - Added High School Musical info page.
11/13/08 - Well, seems like 2007 wasn't the end of the GBA after all. I've just gotten word of 2 GBA games released in 2008, and there might be a couple more. I haven't seen these in the stores, though, so I guess they're very hard to track down. The two I've added to the list are Samurai Deeper Kyo and Word Safari: The Friendship Totems; while there are a few more that may have been released, such as Best Friends: Dogs & Cats and Let's Ride: Friends Forever. I'll try and see if I can buy these anywhere without resorting to shopping online.
3/17/08 - Added info pages for Arctic Tale, Cars: MaterNational, Barbie: Island Princess and Hamsterz Life 2.
3/8/08 - Well, renewed interest for this page has sparked its return, although Nintendo has finished making games for the poor GBA, and the last game ever made for it is "The Bee Game", released Christmas Day 2007. Three other games were released in November, and I'll be searching for them. I'll add info pages for Hamsterz Life 2, Cars MaterNational, An Arctic Tale and Barbie Island Princess probably tomorrow.
12/1/07 - Well, it's all over for the GBA. The last games have been released. I've yet to add some pages for the last 2007 games, so that's next. But what about this page? It'll still be up & running with additional info on games and games I haven't reviewed yet I'll get around to reviewing. I'm also going to do a last year of the DS page, which I think will be 2009, but we'll have to wait and see when Nintendo has info on a new handheld (the DS was released way back in November of 2004!) So check back on this page for updates through Christmas.
11/6/07 - Info pages up for the Nicktoons and SpongeBob games. Reviews are coming soon.
11/4/07 - And then there were four. I might have some info pages on Nicktoons and SpongeBob later today, so check back. Barbie Island Princess will be coming on to this page next weekend. I won't add The Disney Princess game quite yet because I need to go to Toys R Us to see if it actually exists. I'm not sure if the Hot Wheels game exists (it's not that I doubt Toys R Us), but it will stay up there for now.
10/29/07 - Added Nicktoons and SpongeBob games to the Reviews/Info game list. Expect reviews/info page as early as this weekend.
10/24/07 - Added Avatar: Last Airbender info page. Since there's only a handful more GBA games to be released, I moved the release dates to the front page. SpongeBob Atlantis SquarePantis and Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots should be released very soon, if not in stores now.
10/23/07 - Added Avatar: The Last Airbender to the games released list. The Legend of Spyro game is almost exactly the same as Ghost Rider and TMNT, so there's not really a reason for a review. I'll be getting Avatar this weekend, so I'll add a page to it then. I've yet to play the Crash game, will do sometime this week.
10/12/07 - Added info pages for Bratz the Movie, Crash of the Titans and Legend of Spyro. Reviews for the last two will be added this weekend.
10/3/07 - Added three games to the now released list (the one above). Info pages/reviews will come this weekend (if I can find the games.) Also updated Release Dates page.
9/22/07 - Added info for Puppy Luv. The Spyro and Crash Bandicoot games are next up in the first few days of October.
9/14/07 - Arctic Tale has been pushed back to November, and I'll be having a busy October. The Release Dates page has been fleshed out and is way better than IGN's.
9/13/07 - Added Puppy Luv to the main page. Info pages coming soon if I can find it. It should be out now. IGN says Bratz: Movie Starz has been cancelled, so I'll reflect that here.
9/1/07 - Added Deal Or No Deal info page. Review might come soon, I don't know.
8/30/07 - Had to get rid of the M&M's codes because apparently they're very complex, and keep track of lives, continues, etc.
8/29/07 - Changed M&M's: Break 'Em review, gave it a better one. Will also post my progress on this game (and maybe some others) in the new Cheats section.
8/27/07 - Deal or No Deal apparently was delayed a little bit. Best Buy's webpage says it will be out tomorrow. I should be able to get it this weekend to make a page for it.
8/17/07 - Added Horsez info page.
8/7/07 - It is my sad duty to report that Madden NFL 08 will *not* be on the Game Boy Advance. Dark Light is "coming soon" according to its website. And who knows about Trick Star... So, the next game coming out for the GBA will be An Arctic Tale, still scheduled for 9/1.
8/5/07 - Added M&Ms: Break 'Em review.
8/2/07 - Deal Or No Deal should be out now (hopefully I'm right this time.) Dark Light isn't added to the Release Dates page, but it's now listed as TBA 2007 (after it blew its Jan. 19th release date.)
7/27/07 - Added a game and a compilation to the Release Dates page.
7/23/07 - Added a game to the Release Dates page, and fixed a release date for another.
7/18/07 - Added an info page for Harry Potter.
7/17/07 - Added Petz Vet info page.
7/16/07 - Another long while, but finally a new update. Added 3 games to the release dates list.
6/30/07 - Added Ratatouille review page.
6/28/07 - Added two games to the Release Dates list.
6/26/07 - Ratatouille is out. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix ships this Thursday.
6/25/07 - Rattatouille should be out tomorrow. Added 2 games to the Release Dates list.
6/14/07 - Added info page for Dogz 2.
6/13/07 - Frisbee/Frisbee Golf should be out now.
6/8/07 - Added info page for Surf's Up.

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