Arthur & the Invisibles

Company: Atari
Rating: E
Release Date: 1/9/07
Size: 256 MB
I wish this game was invisible. That way nobody else could play it. The setup is confusing, with B for jumping (in every decent game, itís A) and the action button is A. (It should be switched around.)

I didnít expect very much, seeing as how itís based off a movie, and games based on movies are usually sub-par, and with this one, it didnít disappoint.

The second level is impossible because the controls are so bad. Arthur can jump, but he canít jump very far up. I guess the old saying is true: white men canít jump. There are too many enemies in this level, which makes it impossible to fight all of them.

And the thing with lives is that theyíre displayed in the form of hearts. Once you lose all of them, the game is over, which is stupid because itís a one-hit and youíre dead game. And I HATE those kind of games. Youíd think by 2007, game companies would have learned from Marioís power-ups, but no.

No, I havenít seen the movie, and Iím afraid it wouldnít help if I did. And while the movie might be good, the game certainly isnít.


Graphics: 7.0 - I must say it does have nice graphicsÖ

Game Design: 3.0 - Öbut when the overall game is stupid, does that really matter?

Fun: 2.0

Total: 2.0