Drake & Josh

Company: THQ
Rating: E
Release Date: 3/13/07
Size: 32 MB
From the network that brought you such classic shows as Pinwheel and You Can't Do That On Television, comes this piece of garbage. Drake & Josh is a virtually unplayable disaster.

The game starts when one of these two morons have to sneak past everyone in the whole school in a Zelda-II-esque viewed school. But while Zelda II had the hilariously funny "I AM ERROR." this has nothing. And the button meant for sneaking (B), most of the time doesn't even work and you're caught anyway; and not only that, sneaking around isn't even fun. And teenagers probably don't even want to play a game about going to school. And guess what? This game has passwords! You'd think THQ would come up with a way to save game progress (if you could even progress in the game), but no.

And, what's more, since hardly anyone will play the game since it's getting so bad reviews, the passwords probably won't be posted on the internet so you can't even play the minigames! I couldn't, although one of them that would look at least remotely fun would be the Pipe Dream rip-off 'Josh Mania.' If any game developers are out there, do us a favor and not make it so you have to unlock the minigames. One of the reasons I hated Arthur & the Invisibles was because you have to beat the game in order to get the mini-games. WHY? If the game stinks, then you have absolutely no chance of playing said minigames that programmers probably wanted people to play. Duh! Pros: + Drake and Josh are cute (well, at least according to teenage girls who can't see very well.) Cons: - If you put a piece of poop in your Gamee Boy Advance, you'd have more fun. That pretty much sums it up right there.