Ghost Rider

Company: Take 2
Rating: T
Release Date: 2/13/07
Size: 64 MB
Ghost Rider is a guy who has a skeleton head thatís on fire. As if that wasnít scary enough, heís trapped in Hell. This basically takes on the form of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, (the Arcade game), with a little Roadblaster thrown in, with a level of Ghost Rider on his bike killing baddies that way.

Another game based on a movie I didnít watch (I sense a theme hereÖ), but thereís at least a few difficulty modes for people who suck, but still love, video games (like myself). I found this game to be the best of the dying bunch so far (which isnít really saying much because Rayman got 4 and Arthur got a 2.) The graphics are above-par (with the bike level outstanding), the game design is good, and itís kinda actually fun, even for those who donít know anything about Ghost Rider (like myself.) So if youíre in the mood for a beat-em-up side-scroller, Ghost Rider is your man of the month.

Graphics: - 7.0 - Very nice for a late-GBA game.
Game Design - 7.0 - Game design is neat, right shoulder button for jumping is kind of awkward (A is for punching), but fitting.
Fun - 5.0 - Thank goodness for three different difficulty modes, otherwise, this game would be hellish.
total: 6.0