M&Ms: Break 'Em

Company: DSI
Rating: E
Release Date: 4/30/07
Size: 32 MB

The first review I put on here was rushed. After taking more time to play the game, I found that it was quite enjoyable. The problem was, I started on Level 3 instead of Level 1 (It should really number the levels.) You control an M&M who has to break blocks that are the same color as you are. Luckily, there are things that change your color to correspond with the blocks you break. But sometimes, blocks and/or the color changer are buried underneath blocks that you have to hit twice to uncover. And there are enemy blocks, marked with skull and crossbones, that you need to avoid. All the while, the M&M is bouncing up and down, and you only control the left and right movement. Another drawback is that the game uses passwords that keep track of lives and continues. It would be better if the passwords didn't do that and instead just control level progress so you can start with 3 lives and 3 continues every time you power up the GBA. This is definitely a "sleeper hit".

Ratings: Graphics=7 / Game Design=7 \ Fun=8 / Total=8