Meet the Robinsons

Company: Disney
Rating: E
Release Date: 3/27/07
Size: 64 MB
Yet another game based on a movie I haven't seen. This is game #4 based on a movie I haven't seen since I started reviewing these things, and apparently almost every GBA game from now on will be based on movies I haven't seen (or never will see.)

Little Dorises are attacking the world apparently, and your job is to kill them. These Doris things are little spider-like robots. Apparently, these things are evil. You can turn the help on or off, with help being like those little talking boxes in Yoshi's Island that tell you what to do, but these pop up automatically. And each level is different. For example, in the first level, you get three pieces of a gun and shoot all the Dorises in a side-scrolling level. Level 2 is flying an airplane thing while shooting, you guessed it, little Dorises. I thought level 2 was going to be impossible, but I was doing one thing wrong, I was touching buildings, which I thought would be OK like the walls in Venture, but apparently, it's a big no-no in the Robinsons' world.

The health bar is indicated by batteries, and stupidly, using a gun or something too much uses up batteries. Luckily, you can get more during a level. And apparently, there's infinite lives, which, for this game, is OK because the levels are kind of difficult. I guess you could call the batteries lives (in which case, you get 5 of them). If you lose all the batteries, you just go back to the level select screen and begin the level from the beginning an infinite amount of times.

For the game as a whole, I feel indifferent. I mean it's not a bad game, but not something I would sit down and play for an hour or so. The graphics are wonderful, though. So, neither a thumbs up nor thumbs down, but more of a so-so game *tilts hand in so-so manner. I wish there was a little emoticon for that.*

ratings: graphics-8 / game design - 6.5 / fun - 5 / total - 5