Shrek the Third

Company: Activision
Rating: E
Release Date: 5/15/07
Size: TBA

Games based on movies are usually bad. That's the ideology I had in mind when starting to play Shrek the Third. It's a platform game, borrowing many elements from Arthur & the Invisibles, but this is a better game than that is. The controls are good. A to jump and B to attack. Now if every game was like that, I'd be happy. In some levels, though, you control both Donkey and Puss-In-Boots, toggling between each for their special abilities. In others, Shrek goes it alone in search for the two (and mainly Arthur, next-in-line for the throne.)

So basically, what it boils all down to is Shrek the Third is your run-of-the-mill basic good platformer.

Graphics/Sound - 8 / Fun - 7 \ Game Design - 8 / Total - 7