Spider-Man 3

Company: Activision
Rating: E 10+
Release Date: 5/4/07
Size: 64 MB
Another brawler in the vein of Ghost Rider. Yes, another one. In this one, though, you're Spider-Man. What's with the hyphen? Don't ask me, I just play the games. Anyway, you get infinite lives with this one, apparently. It's better than Ghost Rider and TMNT because you can stick to the ceilings like glue and wrap baddies up in webs. You can also use webs to stop spinning fans, and there are tons of them in the early stages of this thing. It's like he's in Fan City.

The first boss battle is getting Goblin off his stupid floating skateboard thing. It was TOUGH! First, I spent ten minutes figuring out what to do. Then, I figured it out. You're riding on an ambulance and you jump off and hit him then quickly (very quickly) jump back on, repeat until he dies (which is like 10 times.) Otherwise, he'll "get away" and you'll have to start all over again.

Another game based on a movie I didn't see, but all-in-all, not a bad game. It's tiring getting game after game of beating up baddies in the vein of TMNT arcade game, though. Not very original.

Graphics - 6.0 / game design - 7.0 / fun - 6.5 / total (not an average) 7