Company: Ubisoft
Rating: E 10+
Release Date: 3/20/07
Size: 64 MB
Another game based on a movie I havenít seen, but I remember these 4 pizza-eating turtles from my youth. I guess marketing likes to bring everything back from the 80ís and 90ís except pogs. Well, anyway, the game.

Basically, read the Ghost Rider review and replace Ghost Rider with TMNT. This is basically just like Ghost Rider, fighting with enemies, slashing and bashing them into oblivion. Apparently, the gameís programmers hate dogs, because you get to slash and bash rottwielers in this game. The story is a little weird, though, as Rafael decides to go the crime fighting solo. After level 1, the turtles team back up again, because thereís a much meaner enemy, and it ainít Shredder. So basically, youíre controlling a turtle (with an option to have the computer control a second one, but he usually lasts about 10 seconds. He defeats the enemies and ditches you) while he does what he does best: Fighting. There are items to pick up and use against them, and there are also items that can hurt you, too. And, once again, thereís the easy, medium and hard difficulty settings.

Bottom line: If you like the Arcade game, youíll love this game.

graphics: - 8.0 - Not computerized, but pixel-art. Still, very impressive.

game design - 8.0 - button smashing is fun.

Fun - 8.0 - Might be best GBA game of the year.

total: 8.0