programmed by Aaron Curtis

AStar is a game in which you move a guy who suspiciously looks a lot like Pac-Man into eating all the fruits around the screen. The screens have walls, and Pac-Man-look-alike has to travel until he hits a wall. Fortunately, there is this block which can stop Mr. Whoever. But the block has to travel until it hits a wall, too. Most of the action takes place by deciding where to move the pac-man-guy and the wall in order to get the yellow man to eat the fruit. Sometimes, the best strategy is putting the block next to our man in yellow. This is actually a fun game, especially when you count the feature to hit a button to travel to any level you want (out of 8 or so.)

You can switch from controlling the man to controlling the block by pressing Fire. The only drawback is the character could have been thought up better. Aaron could have at least colored Pac-Man blue or something. A whole new character would have even been nicer.

Graphics: 7
Theme/Originality: 8
Fun: 7
Total: 8
A really fun game for those who like to give their brains a good workout.