About the game:

It's easy to kill a bug, but how about when you're a bug yourself? Strap yourself into a bug's shoes (wait, bugs don't wear shoes, but you know what I mean) and fight to the death. Are you strong enough to perform insecticide?

The Fighters


- Special move: the throw of death.
- Arena: Ant hills
Gi-Ant can lift 50 times his own weight, which he uses that skill when he picks you up and throws you down!


- Special move: wing flap of death
- Arena: window ledge

This totally huge moth can surely beat you up! You'll need two wings, six legs, and a prayer if you want to survive.


- Special move: the sting of death
- Arena: Beehive
Not only do bees sting humans, they also sting other fighters. You really need to be careful dodging him when he does the sting, else it can be really painful!

Melee-dy Bug

- Special move: the bite of death
- Arena: leaf
This bug's no lady when it comes to fighting, she's one tough bug to go up against!


- Special move: the acid vomit of death
- Arena: Kitchen table
This is one super fly! A versatile fighter, he can block with the greatest of ease, and can attack just as well!


- Special move: the kick of death
- Arena: sidewalk
This millipede is ready to kill! He really packs a punch with all those feet he has! You'd better watch out and block his mighty kicks!

Panzer Dragonfly

- Special move: the fire breath of death
- Arena: Swamp
The icky swamp is where Panzer Dragonfly makes his home, and if you're a superb fighter, your body won't get all icky!

Slaying Mantis

- Special move: the head chomp of death
- Arena: log
This mantis is here for one reason: To avenge his parents' death at the hands of the other ruthless bugs. He may be small, but he's one tough mantis!


A - Punch
(up and down on the right control pad will work in the direction you last pressed the left control pad with.)
Left Control Pad - Left/Right move around
Left Control Pad - Up Jump
Start - Pause game
Select - Quit fight and return to title screen (when paused)

special moves

to be entered on the right directional pad.
Gi-Ant : L, R, U, D
Behe-Moth : R, L, U, D
Rumblebee : L, R, D, U
Melee-Dy Bug : R, L, U, D
Superfly : L, D, U, R
Killipede : R, D, U, L
Panzer Dragonfly : L, U, D, R
Slaying Mantis : R, U, D, L


Sprite design/art - Chris Read
Music/programming - Chris Read