My Butt Hurts - Part 5

Length: 15:26
Created: 5/28-11/28/11
Composed by: me

The song.

i. intro (0:00-1:27)

Organ, Piano, Percussion, Strings

ii. don't look now, baby, but i think the spinach has got the best of us (1:27-3:05)

Organ, Piano, Percussion, Pizzicato Strings.

iii. i hate anchovies, asparagus, and most any other food beginning with the letter a (3:05-4:25)

Piano, Organ, Percussion

iv. i sure don't like it when my niece farts all over my scrambled eggs (4:25-6:27)

Piano, Organ

v. waltz of the people who made my butt hurt (6:27-8:12)

Piano, Organ, Percussion, Pizzicato Strings

vi. ear wax tastes ok, but it's not something i would want to eat every day (8:11-8:59)

Piano, Organ

vii. corn (8:59-10:08)

Piano, Percussion

viii. why won't the scar on my butt heal? (10:08-11:29)

Piano, Organ, Pizzicato Strings

ix. going to the dentist (11:29-12:46)

Pizzicato Strings

x. eating baking soda (12:46-13:50)

Strings, Piano, Percussion

xi. finale (13:50-15:26)

Piano, Strings, Percussion