How Dodgeball came to be:

I had heard about Robert Vinciguerra's Magnavox Odyssey homebrew games (Odball, Project Mentis) so I decided to research just what the Odyssey was about. After falling in love with it (I tend to like weird, unusual video game systems), I downloaded the emulator. I e-mailed Rob and asked him how to program for this thing. After I got a reply saying that you can't, I then knew that the cartridges were sort of like templates for games that could or haven't yet been created. I still don't have an Odyssey myself, nevertheless I decided to make like Robert and design my own homebrew games. After working with the various carts on the Odyssey emulator (called ODYEMU), I had a design for a game based on Cart #3. So, I whipped up some instructions on how to play, as well as a score sheet and overlay picture, and the Dodgeball idea was born.


Q: Why do this in the first place?
A: I do it out of love for the Odyssey. Like I said, I love weird, early video game systems, and you can't get any earlier than the original Odyssey.

Q: What cart do you need?
A: Cart #3. The game does not come with Cart #3, you need to buy it seperately.

Q: What font do you use for the packaging?
A: I use a font called "Checkbook", which is close to the original Odyssey font as I could get.

Q: How much does/did Dodgeball cost?
A: $25 per copy.

Q: What do/did you get for $25?
A: One 8.5x11 inch overlay, an instruction sheet, 10 score sheets and a box.

Q: Will there be more Odyssey games from you in the future?
A: Half of that depends on how well Dodgeball sells, the other half is if I find a new idea for a game.

Dodgeball will be shipped in Q3 of 2011. To preorder/buy a copy, contact, or, for faster results, if you are an AtariAge member, give a PM to member "atari2600land". (C) 2011, Atari 2600 Land. This game and website are in no way affilliated with The Magnavox Company.