Aliens have landed and are trying to annoy Frank! Can Frank survive the alien onslaught of annoyingness?

Level 1.
The game starts with Frank chasing the aliens with his gun. Press right to fire and the button to jump. Shoot the alien 20 times to move to level 2.

Level 2.
Now we're in space! Shoot the big spaceship 10 times to make it fall into the sea.

Level 3.
In the sea, Frank discovers three octopi. Bop their heads three times to move on.

Level 4.
In a whale, Frank dodges fish eaten by the big beast.

Level 5.
Frank finds himself on top of a mountain. Climb your way down, but watch out for falling rocks!

Level 6.
Frank goes up, up, up a tree. Dodge the acorns and, at the top, defeat the queen bee to move on.

Level 7a.
Frank finds himself in a forest with watermelons. Grab as many as you can before time runs out, you'll use the ones you collect as ammo in level 7b!

Level 7b.
Now's the time to throw those watermelons! If you run out, you'll go back to level 7a.

Level 8.
The aliens have beamed you up into their spaceship, and they're not gonna anal probe you, they want to KILL you! Can you thwart the evil alien king's plan to off you?

Version 61. Special notes.
Level 8 work has continued.
changed the way you die in level 8.
latest binary file - starts at beginning
latest binary file - starts at level 8
latest bB file. - starts at beginning
latest bB file. - starts at level 8