Help Frank make a cross-the-world trek. Discover what it's like to be a fruit fly before you squish them. And most important of all: Have fun doing so.


Control pad - move Frank.
A - a is for action. Do stuff you need to do with this button.


The game is finished as of April 19,2021. final version
the current build Enter password 'deface' to get to minigame..Press A to start it. last updated March 3, 2021.
include files all the artwork and stuff that's in the game. - updated April 19, 2021 (latest version)
player's guide. if you are having trouble with the game, read this and see how it works.

level passwords:
hggkkk - level 2 with 99% health
hkcgdk - level 3 with 99% health
dkehke - level 4 with 99% health
bkfkce - level 5 with 99% health
hkkgcc - level 6 with 99% health
deface - minigame.

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