hamburgers en route to switzerland is a wonderful new game for the nintendo virtual boy. the virtual boy was a failure. released in 1995 to lackluster sales, nintendo pulled the plug the following year. since then, people have been making homebrew video games for the thing. this is one of them.

the lovely backstory.

you control zybort, the burger scout, as the front of the burger flock heading towards switzerland. along the migration path are vicious milkshakes to shoot and horrible onion rings to avoid. can zybort lead the burgers to the lovely land of switzer? take that controller in your hands and find out!

the controls.

left directional pad - move zybort around
a - shoot
start - start game from title screen or pause/unpause mid-game.

sounds great. how do i try it?

final build.

some pictures.

Here are a couple of in-game pictures.

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